Gamifying Fitness After School Program in oxnard, ca

Engaging Gamified Workouts for Youth

Active kids are happy kids so let’s give them exactly what they want. Gamifying Fitness provides excellent fitness and academic assistance for your child’s developing mind and body with powerful gamified activities designed to improve brain and body fitness.

Improving children physically, mentally, and socially by strengthening their minds and bodies through movement. Gamifying Fitness gives your child a quality after school program in Oxnard that includes fitness, learning, character building and fun.

Let's Improve Your Child Mental Health and Fitness

Is your child having difficulty in health and fitness? Does your child want to get fit?

If so, then Gamifying Fitness after school program for kids in Oxnard is the place for them! It’s very common these days to see a cell phone, iPad, or video controller in the hands of a child at play vs. a ball, bike, jump rope or a game of tag.

We know that childhood obesity are increasing at an alarming rate.

An important way to help your child with weight loss, maintaining a normal weight and develop healthy habits is to encourage him/her to participate in regular physical activity.

Gamifying Fitness offers the SMARTfit difference with a wide range of highly effective gamified activities to make workouts and learning engaging, challenging and fun!

Youths benefit by improving academic performance, decrease in stress and anxiety levels, increase focus and attention, develop and sharpen social skills, increase in personal self-esteem and confidence, build strength, motor and sports skills improving their overall health and fitness.

Choose the perfect plan

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30 minute session


1hour session


4 kids 1 hour

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