New Brain Based Fitness Training Gym In Oxnard Ca, Combines Full-Body Exercises That Produce Instant & Trackable Results Using SMARTfit®!

Gamifying Fitness offers Programs that make exercising FUN and delivers:

  • Improved focus, speed, agility, timing and balance
  • Cardiovascular workout
  • Multi-tasking by training the mind & body at the same time
  • Increased reaction speed and synchronized timing
  • Improved cognitive learning
  • Enjoyment – Allows for the opportunity to bring families together!
  • Programming for all Athletes, Seniors and Weekend Warriors
  • Programs for individuals with sensory processing issues

SMARTfit’s powerful performance tracking and monitoring system is highly engaging and motivating. Exercise is fun for everyone regardless of age or ability.

Come In Today, To See How SMARTfit® Can Be Tailored To Help You or Someone You Know.

6 Week SMARTfit® Boxing Boot Camp

Register now to be apart of the most exclusive brain training and boxing boot camps ever created. Your mind and body will connect in ways like never before.


SMARTfit® ProTrainer

This highly engaging training helps users build tangible skills including improved reactions, speed, coordination, balance, visual processing, decision-making under pressure, and ball control, placement and accuracy. Come give it a try!

SMARTfit® Wireless Strike Targets

SMARTfit® Strike Pods can be set up in nearly any configuration allowing you to create endless combinations of workout environments, each with unique ergonomic, physical and cognitive challenges.

SMARTfit® Mini 9

Programs suited to the Mini include rehab, early childhood education, active aging, geriatric rehab, boxing and martial arts. Come in today so we can discuss how we can develop a program that can help you.


Sensory Integration Programs for Occupational Therapy

SMARTfit® provides some powerful options for youth on the Austism spectrum. Schedule an appointment to bring your child or client in for some fun learning games.

After School Program

SMARTfit’s action-based play approach to exercise and learning is a powerful way to help kids transition from school to homework and has proven critical to youth development with inclusive team-building games.

5 Benefits of Training at Gamifying Fitness using world-class SMARTfit® functional fitness and brain training systems:

Better Performance Begins With The Brain


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