Functional and Brain Training Programs
for Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration Programs for Occupational Therapy

SMARTfit® provides some powerful options for youth on the Austism spectrum. “Using the SMARTfit for kids on the Autism Spectrum has become an essential element in our sensory integration treatment and practice. The SMARTfit allows us to incorporate a variety of ocular motor, visual perceptual, vestibular, proprioceptive, postural control, and muscle strengthening/endurance activities in an engaging manner.”
Kimberly Koretoff, OT4Kids – owner.

Engaging Learning Activities in Occupational Therapy Settings

“Using the various activities, our kids are able to work on a variety of skills. Their reaction times and accuracy to hit the targets greatly improve over consecutive trials, demonstrating motor learning and quickened motor responses. We are able to work on static and dynamic postural responses, balance, and proximal stability crucial for participation in playground games and Physical Education classes. Furthermore, the numbers and letters games allow our therapists to address sequencing, letter and number identification, visual discrimination, and visual tracking/scanning abilities, essential for school readiness.”

Kimberly Koretoff, OT.

In general, the SMARTfit is one of the best comprehensive activities to address all aspects of sensory integration treatment and our clients have seen wonderful results that translate to their academic, personal, and social lives.” Kimberly Koretoff, OT.

How SMARTfit Works in Occupational Therapy Environments

SMARTfit allows occupational therapist to design individualized programs for visual, auditory, and proprioceptive training, and then track and validate results using the real-time data collection feature in the iOS/Android App. Results can easily be exported to integrate with other reporting standards.

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