Fitlight Trainer Alternative

If you’re looking for a Fitlight Trainer Alternative than SMARTfit is definitely worth looking at.

Schedule a demo today to see how SMARTfit can be custom tailored to your needs.

Call 800-900-8542 x 112 or you can fill out a form on SMARTfit’s website. Tell them Robert Aguilar sent you.

Learn More About Current SMARTfit Applications

SMARTfit Trainers have more features than any speed and agility light on the market.

SMARTfit has a wireless reaction training light system that is extremely durable.

Not only are they durable but you can actually hit the targets with different objects. If you want to just wave your hands and feet in front of the targets SMARTfit products are not for you.

But if you want to throw balls, kick, punch, step on, the SMARTfit just might be what you’re looking for.

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