Weighted Vest Workout System


Gravity+ Suit™ the best adjustable weighted vest with weighted pants for running, CrossFit, calisthenics, boxing, MMA, baseball, basketball, and even rehab.

The Gravity+ Suit™ HyperGravity Training System™ not only addresses the quantifiable aspects of human movement such as strength, range of motion, and endurance, but also works to develop spatial awareness, balance, postural control, movement efficiency, functional strength, and adaptability.

In so doing, stabilization is developed, posture is refined, mechanics of movement are improved, muscle recruitment patterns are reeducated, and optimal function and well-being are reinforced—the ultimate goal of any good conditioning program.

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To understand how this is accomplished, it is important to define the role of the body’s central nervous system plays in driving an athlete’s performance.

In the human body, the central nervous system has the job of recruiting muscle fibers and collections of muscle cells (motor units) within a muscle to allow an athlete to perform a sporting activity.

This ‘recruitment’ by the nervous system results in a forceful action by the body.

The faster the nervous system can recruit these muscle groups the more forceful or faster the athlete can perform the action for his/her sport. So it is not only important that we train our muscles to excel at a sport but it is even more important that we train our nervous system to respond faster when an action is required.

To more clearly understand this primary benefit of the Gravity+ Suit™, read our section on why it is so important to not only train the muscular system but also to train the nervous system.


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