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Puratae Brand Partners:
Follow This Step-By-Step Tutorial to Enroll a Puratae Brand Consumer

Hey there. thank you for tuning in. If you’re a new Puratae Brand Partner let me welcome you to the team. If not and you happen to be looking for the perfect superfood for optimum health and came across this video, well you’ve come to the right place. 

I’m Diana Fontyn, a Puratae Brand Partner. If you’re a new brand partner I’ll be walking you through on how to enroll new customers on your replicated Puratae brand website so they can experience the amazing benefits of this powerful supplement on the market today…PURE SUPERBLEND

To order Puratae, it must be done from a brand partner. If you’re looking to place an order, please visit my page https://Diana.Puratae.com.

So let’s get started. First you’re going to pull up your personalized brand website by typing in your web address. Mine’s Diana.Puratae.com.

Once you’ve arrived onto the main page go on over to the top right side of your screen and select the country you or your customers located.

Once you’ve done that move on over to shop and click on it.

This is the page where you’ll be able to make your purchase selection. You can choose from a 30-day supply or one of our bundle and save packs. So for this presentation let’s just go ahead and select a 30-day supply of the PURE SUPERBLEND by clicking order.

Now you’ll be able to select your purchase option whether you choose to do a one-time purchase or the subscribe and save. By choosing the subscribe and save option you lock in the discount of receiving 15% off every month at $74.80. In which the product will automatically be delivered every 30 days. How awesome is that? 

Your subscription can be easily cancelled after a minimum of two 30-day supply orders have been processed. Just by sending an email to [email protected] So I’m going to go ahead and select the subscribe and save just so I can receive the discount as well as my shipment every 30- days. Add to cart.

Now you’ll see a pop-up notification stating that your product has been added to cart.

Go ahead and click on the cart.

Now you’ll be able to view your shopping cart. This is where you’ll be able to see the item or items for you to verify that your order is correct or to make any changes. If there are no changes to be made that’s when you’ll just go straight to proceed to checkout. 

Now if you wanted to change anything from your cart that’s when you’ll go ahead and remove the item by clicking the X here and continue shopping. Now I’m back onto the product selection page and I’m going to go ahead and update my cart with the correct product and I’m going to choose the PURE SUPERBLEND 2-pack. 

And I’m gonna go ahead and select the subscribe and save since I like to save money and I want my shipment to just arrive automatically every month. So add to cart.

Okay, looks like the notification showed up so back to cart I go click on that. Now I’m gonna double check my order make sure everything’s good which it is so now I will shall proceed to checkout.

Now it’s time to create the account as a brand consumer so I may complete my order so create account so click on that.

Now this is where you’ll be able to fill in all the fields below so you can create your account so type in your first and last name. Create your user name. As well as enter your email address. Create a password as well.

Okay, now once all the fields have been filled in completely go ahead and click create account. Soon you’ll then be directed to enter your shipping and billing address along with payment information to complete the purchase.

If you or your customers should decide to become a brand partner soon after the purchase has been submitted, don’t worry you just need to contact customer support as they will need to be the ones to convert from brand consumer to brand partner. 

They may be reached at area code (801) 805-6500. Should you have any additional questions or concerns you may also contact them via email at [email protected]

I hope that you have found this presentation helpful in learning how to enroll your customer or yourself as a brand consumer.

Should you want to get social and stay connected, well you can do so with me across the following networks. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for future tutorials, recipes and how-to videos. Connect with me on LinkedIn at Diana Fontyn. To be inspired and motivated follow me on Instagram or to receive exciting updates like my page on Facebook.

Should you need to contact me directly I can be personally reached via email at [email protected] or by DM. Again, thank you for tuning in. I am happy to be supporting your journey toward excellent health to living a Pure. Balanced. Life.

*PRICING UPDATE 03/05/2021: Our “One Time Purchase” and “Subscribe and Save” pricing has changed since the original date of publication of this post.  You can now save up to 30% on our Subscribe and Save option.

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