The Only Light Reaction Training Systems You'll Ever Need For Brain Health, Physical Fitness and Sports Performance Training Programs

The Most Advanced Reaction Training Lights

SMARTfit™ Light Reaction Training Systems Are Quickly Becoming The Tool For Master Coaches, Teachers and Clinicians Because They Need The Best.

SMARTfit products are not just used as reaction lights, they are used to help rewire the brain by simultaneously engaging the full body and multiple senses (eyes, ears, feet, hands and vestibular system) 

No other reaction light can compare to the amount of activities that can be played when used for Brain Health, Physical Fitness and Sports Performance Training Programs     

SMARTfit™ Has 15 Different Reaction Training
Light System Configurations For You to Choose From.

Gamifying Fitness is the authorized SMARTfit™ Representative In Ventura County, CA.

No matter where you are in the world get in touch today, if you have any questions and/or you would like to schedule a demo of SMARTfit™. 

We work closely with SMARTfit, so we will make sure you get the proper help needed to get your questions answered in a timely manner. 

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