SMARTfit™ Strike Pods The Wireless Reaction Training Lights For Master Coaches, Instructors, Teachers, and Clinicians.

Speed and Agility Lights For Athletes

If you’re looking for the #1 speed and agility lights for athletes then you’ve come to the right reaction light training representative. 

SMARTfit™ products are meant to be physically touched with hands, feet, medicine balls, soccer balls, basketballs, and other soft objects, you can’t just wave your hand or foot in front of the targets compared to products similar to Fitlight™. 

You’ll be impressed with the amount of functionality SMARTfit Strike Pods has to offer when developing visual, cognitive and motor training programs for your athletes, students, patients or clients. 

SMARTfit™ products are produced in many different configurations from wireless, portable and interactive light boards that go on the wall. 

SMARTfit™ has systems with 5 targets all the way up to 36 targets that are ready to help you significantly improve the athlete’s performance in several ways including:

  1. speed and accuracy of decision making 
  2. Develop Explosiveness 
  3. Improved focus and decision making when fatigued
  4. Increased awareness and mental processing while under duress
  5. Gamified technology that can capture objective data and results over time
  6. Know who has the mental game when an athlete is exhausted

In today’s video post, let’s take a look at what Los Angeles Lakers strength and conditioning coach Gunnar Peterson has to say about SMARTfit™ reaction lights to see if they will work for your needs.

I’m Gunnar Peterson, I’m a personal trainer in Beverly Hills, California. I’ve been doing this for 29 years and I’ve been working with professional athletes for 25 years currently working with the Los Angeles Lakers.

I definitely don’t have a crystal ball, but I can tell you in my opinion, SMARTfit™ is the next big thing in fitness because it has a universal appeal and incorporates the brain and the body.

So SMARTfit while, it can challenge you physically, it can also challenge you from a cognitive standpoint, so you’re making better decisions under pressure obviously, that translates to sports, but it can also translate to the workplace.

Mental acuity stays high, you make less errors and you rise up in your field.

SMARTfit™ can help athletes at any level.

It can help the young kids all the way up to the professional level. Think about cognitive fitness, so you’re making better decisions under pressure, which means better clock management, better ease of defense, less turnovers more wins, lot less losses.

SMARTfit™, improves coordination and balance because it makes you move while it makes you think. Not a lot of exercises do that, there are so many drills on the SMARTfit™ we can incorporate burpees, pushups, touches, turns, lateral training, reverse training.

Think about all the ways that an athlete moves on a sport. All three planes of motion are incorporated as well as the hand to eye coordination which allows them to improve not only in their sport, but from a cardiovascular standpoint and an overall fitness standpoint.

SMARTfit™ also improves your visual training because it has external targets that are also moving. You have to think to find your target and it’s not always the target you think it is.

So SMARTfit brings the gaming component into exercise, and I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it tricks you into exercising because we all know better than that, but it does fire up your competitive spirit and you’re competing against yourself.

So those of you who don’t like to compete outwardly, it’s a game you against you and what’ll happen is you’ll say oh I can get better and you’re going to play it again, and then you think, oh, I could still beat that, and you’re going to play it again and again and again, and not only are you going to get better, but you’re going to get more fit and you’re going to discover a new side of you the WINNER.

With the SMARTfit APP, which is available on any device. You can track data analytics as well as programs.

Another terrific thing about the SMARTfit app is you can track your progress. You can compete against yourself and you can stay motivated. And that’s the key to success with any exercise.

If you’re searching for the most modern brain body training solution, that incorporates reaction training lights then please visit Gamifying Fitness 1609 Pacific Ave Ste 610 Oxnard, CA 93033 United States (805) 451-3484

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You’ll be amazed how many fun and interactive programs SMARTfit has created that will engage it’s users. Let’s see if SMARTfit is right you.


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