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Faster Results with a full-body weighted resistance suit

The Gravity+ Suit™ by Gravity+ Systems is the industry’s ONLY full-body suit incorporating patented resistance compression technology.

The Gravity+ Suit™ provides an unparalleled ability to improve functional strength and performance outcomes.


Gravity Plus Suit

The Gravity Plus Suit allows the user to apply variable resistance through the use of 8oz resistance packs which can be placed in the pockets in the top and pant of the Gravity+ Suit™. 

The amount of resistance can be varied in each part of Gravity+ Suit™ to provide the desired training level or therapy level.

The Gravity+ Suit™ through the use of its unique Velcro straps provides the user with the ability to select the desired amount of compression on all of the body’s major muscle groups.

This allows the Gravity+ Suit™ users to train in a hyper-gravity created condition which results in gains in functional strength, neuromuscular conditioning, endurance, weight loss and enhanced recovery time that cannot be achieved with other training methods.

The loading capacity of the Gravity+ Suit™ allows users to utilize up to 100 lbs of weighted resistance that is distributed throughout the suit, covering a greater body surface area when compared to other weighted vest products on the market that centralize the bulk of the loading on the body’s torso.

Experience HyperGravity Training™ at its best with the Gravity+ Suit™.

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